Useful CAT, EMDR Therapy and other wellbeing resources

There are a number of helpful resources if you are considering psychotherapy including Cognitive Analytic Therapy or EMDR. A few of these are listed below.

CAT Resources

  • Other books based on CAT can be found on the ACAT website here.

EMDR Resources

In addition to the information provided on the EMDR Overview page. Here are some links to other information about EMDR.

Other wellbeing resources

  • MIND website has a variety of services including information sheets on types of mental health problems, treatment options and guides to support and services.

  • The Royal College of Psychiatry Psychotherapies page also provides information about the different types of therapies and how to access them.

  • The NHS Choices section on mental health provides a range of resources. This podcast on the unhelpful and critical way we sometimes talk to ourselves is an example of one of the resources available.

  • During the pandemic the BBC have pulled together a collation of useful self help materials which can be found at Headroom.

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